Sunday, April 12, 2009

Duck Confit

Main dish for our french dinner - duck confit. This dish is not difficult but very time consuming. Usually only duck legs are used for this dish, but I confit the whole duck this time, legs, breast and even the gizzard. The duck meat is very very flavorful and tender, goes very well with good red wine. This dish is usually served with potato and onion pan fried in reserved duck fat.

- Cut the duck fat and slowly cook it into oil, then strain any impurity
- Season the duck fat with some dried bay leaves, thyme, crushed garlic, crushed black pepper and salt.
- Submerge the duck meat into the hot oil, make sure the meat is all covered by the oil.
- Bake it in the over at 200 degree for 2-3 hours.
- Let the duck sit in the oil. This can be stored in the fridge for long time.
- When serve, pan fry the duck until skin is crispy.
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