Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lobster Feast – Sashimi, Broiled Lobster Head, Stir-fry with Efu noodle


We bought a 5.5 lb lobster and had a 4-course lobster feast with just the 2 of us. The leftover is sufficient to feed us for 4 extra meals including lobster sandwiches. For the sandwich, add some mayo and grounded black pepper to the lobster meat. Go with some lettuce and/or cucumber. They are heavenly delicious.


The lobster tail is used for sashimi course. Freezing the tail for easy peeling of the shell. Cut the meat into little pieces and serve it cold with wasabi soy sauce. The meat is oh so crunchy and the wasabi soy sauce helps to bring out the sweetness of the lobster meat.


The claws and legs are then stir fry with E-fu noodle (ginger and green onion flavor). Cook the noodle until almost done and then set aside. Then heat the wok with oil, add in 5-6 large pieces of ginger and 3 green onion chopped in length. When the fragrant comes out, put the lobster claws and legs in. Add some broth into the work and cover it with wok. Occasionally turn the claws and legs until they are almost done. Stir in the E-fu noodle and then cover the wok again. Stir the noodle well after 3 min and test for doneness. Serve hot.


The lobster head is cut into 2 halves. One have chopped garlic, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and salt, the other one has some cheese (good cheese) on top. Then broil until it’d done.

IMG_9141 IMG_9140

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